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Harshita Girase

Name: Harshita Girase

Hometown: Pune, India

Major & Year: Computer Science with a minor in Management, Sophomore

Clubs & Organizations: Resident Advisor for Governors Residence Hall, active member of Indian Student Association and Association for Computing Machinery, Teaching Assistant for CSE 199, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences(SEAS) Ambassador, The Undergraduate Academies Ambassador.

Fun Fact: I have a very funny way of laughing. It’s hard to explain; it’s usually a continuous laughter for a stretch of about 2 mins and often I’ll end up rolling on the floor.

Why I joined WiSE: WiSE is important to me because it has helped me meet some great female leaders who are very actively involved on campus. It’s amazing how everyone in the club works hard to make things happen which we’ve seen in the form of the great programs that WiSE had last semester.

Committee: I am Chair of the Publicity Committee and member of the Outreach Committee.

Upcoming Events

  1. Spring Semester Welcome Back

    January 29, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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