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WiSE students can participate in a variety of programs throughout the year. While the orientation is specifically geared toward incoming freshwomen, there are programs available to all class years/levels. Students are encouraged to take advantage of study groups, guest lectures in the STEM fields, and a brown bag lunch series focusing on the many services UB offers to ensure success in your chosen field.

Catalyst: Start your year off WiSE

The Catalyst program gives first-year freshwomen the opportunity to move into their residence hall early, network with faculty, meet peers and participate in team building activities. Participating students move in to their residence hall one day early, Wednesday, August 22nd. Students who sign up are required to participate in a WiSE full day orientation program on Thursday, August 23, 2018. A schedule from last year’s program can be viewed below.

Registration for this event typically opens in June. Students who have questions should email or call the WiSE Coordinator, Danielle Lewis, at 716-645-1457.

“WiSE and Shine” Breakfast Meetups

Enjoy breakfast with female faculty members at UB while they share their expertise on select research areas.  This is a fun opportunity to meet other students with similar academic interests and form connections with other women in STEM across campus.

Guest Lectures

The University at Buffalo is teeming with special events and guest lectures that give you access to great people and great minds. Our Events page and social media accounts lists specific WiSE programs.  Additionally, an email is sent once a week to promote WiSE and University-wide events related to the STEM fields. WiSE students are encouraged to attend these events as schedules allow, to get exposure to the depth and breadth of what the STEM fields have to offer and to broaden your network of contacts as you begin to think about internships, research and post-graduation employment.

Brown Bag Lunch Series

As a woman in a STEM field, your ability to network, uncover resources and ask for what you want will prove invaluable. Bring your lunch and join us for a series of conversations about specific campus resources of which you should take advantage as you work your way through your academic plan towards graduation.

Study Groups

WiSE helps students create study groups at the start of each semester. Additionally, Math, science and engineering departments offer formal tutoring and informal study groups to supplement your work in class and recitation. Master the concepts while enjoying the social network of other female students! Check with your departmental office or the TA for your specific STEM course for further information and meeting places. Visit the Resources page for more information.


The Outreach Committee, led by WiSE students, focuses on reaching out to K-12 students to promote STEM. The students on the Outreach Committee regularly volunteer with an afterschool program at a local community center where they do science demonstrations and experiments for the kids there. They also host a shadow day with local high schools once a semester.

Social Events

Students are encouraged to build friendships with others in the WiSE program and events are organized to promote community amongst the students. Movie nights, kickball games, stress relievers, holiday celebrations and other fun activities are offered throughout the semester.

Upcoming Events

  1. WiSE at Orientation

    June 25 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  2. WiSE at Orientation

    June 28 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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